Dungeon Encounters & Chocobo GP get English physical release in Asia

Dungeon Encounters Chocobo GP English physical release preorder Square Enix Nintendo Switch

Square Enix is going to do a physical release for Dungeon Encounters and another physical release for Chocobo GP on Nintendo Switch in Asia, both of which will include English. They are both available to preorder and launching in March, with Chocobo GP available on Playasia and Dungeon Encounters weirdly only available on the Nintendo Soup Store at the moment.

Dungeon Encounters arrived basically out of nowhere back in October 2021, being an extremely stripped down Hiroyuki Ito RPG that is one of the purest, strangest, maybe best video game experiences you could ever have. Story is nearly nonexistent as the focus is exclusively on the game mechanics themselves, and it’s just hard to put into words how unique and absorbing it is. It’s truly something you just need to play to understand. An English physical release of Dungeon Encounters is welcome, even if it has to be imported from Asia.

Meanwhile, Chocobo GP is a revival of a long-dormant Square Enix IP, basically a Final Fantasy take on Mario Kart that is launching digitally in the West this March. It’s going to be packed with familiar characters, locations, and magic, and there will also be a free “Lite” version of the game. Chocobo GP is another game that will delight fans with an English physical release.


John Friscia
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