Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut Is \”Even Sharper Than The PC Version\” Plus Other Details

Emile Pedneault, game designer of the Wii U version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, at PAX East, sat down with the Report to discuss details related to Human Revolution. Pedneault restated numerous times during the interview that the Director’s Cut was the best version of the game, the “ultimate” version of the game. Reportedly, the team was able to do new things that could not have been done on any other platform, thanks to the touchscreen of the Wii U GamePad and the dual-screen experience it offered. In fact, Pedneault and his team were actually able to get the Wii U version of the game to look sharper than the PC Version.

Emile Pedneault: “The hacking by touch is so cool, it’s like it was intended all along to be done by touch. And by leaving the main screen open, you can look around and make sure no one will spot you while hacking,”“So that’s one of the things that we instantly thought, seeing the Wii U, that would work well, and that’s exactly the case. We have this ultimate experience.”

“Right now, this is the best-looking Deus Ex,” Pedneault said. “It’s even sharper than the PC version.”

While Pedneault was was reluctant to provide in depth details about the game and it’s performance, he did say that the team worked on adjusting the game’s engine, and that the Wii U hardware “helped” with that task.

Commenting on the business spectrum of things, Pedneault didn\’t reveal much other than letting the public know that they did their best in using’s Wii U’s features so they hope the reception will turn out well.

“I\’m not here to speculate about the status of it right now, but we just delivered the ultimate experience and we just took advantage of all the Wii U features in every possible way we can. So hopefully, things will pick up in the future, and we\’ll make some new and old fans pretty happy with this version.”

“Who knows, maybe we\’ll be that one game that makes the Wii U sell.”

Additionally, speaking about boss fights, which was a major issue with the original versions of the game, they have been, reportedly, completely redone in that \”80% of everything that is new in the Wii U version is based upon what players had to say…\”

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut for Wii U releases May 7, 2013.

Omar T