No laughing matter: DuckTales Quackshots April Fools’ joke was a real pitch

DuckTales Quackshots

If you grew up in the ’90s, you know DuckTales. The cartoon series starring Scrooge McDuck was a big hit and spawned a great video game. During yesterday’s period of trickery, a game developer, FDG Entertainment, announced a project called DuckTales Quackshots. It looked phenomenal but turned out to be an April Fools’ joke. Except it kinda wasn’t.

We need to band together to make DuckTales Quackshots happen

For reference, here is the Tweet FDG produced yesterday:

If you are anything like me, you started tearing up seeing this. Even knowing it was April 1, 2020, any reminder of the Sega Genesis classic, Quackshot, is going to cause emotions. How could FDG play with our hearts so callously?

As it turns out, the screenshots are real:

FDG Entertainment explains it did try to pitch its game to Disney last year but never got the license. Instead of forgetting about its designs altogether, the company shared the assets as a gag.

It’s one thing to feel disappointment regarding a goof that could have been a legit cool concept. However, knowing DuckTales Quackshots was a real plan makes that regret even worse. Disney really needs to re-evaluate this proposal. If not for its legions of fans, then for me, a Quackshot fanatic, specifically.

Enthusiasts, does finding out DuckTales Quackshots was a genuine idea sting? Let us know down below.

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