Dry Bones will be hard and tough to beat in Mario Tennis Aces this May

Mario Tennis Aces Dry Bones May release

Whether it’s more Switch magic or it’s just a really good game, Mario Tennis Aces continues to garner love from fans. Likewise, Nintendo is still doling out plenty of support for the title, as Dry Bones will hit the court this May. You can play the in-game Online Tournament throughout the month of May in order to receive the character, and he’ll also be available to everyone at the start of June. Enjoy the reveal trailer.

I enjoy watching and listening to his clacking bones jumping all over the place. You really can’t ever go wrong with skeletons or ghosts in a video game.

Let us know if you’ll be hurrying to pick up (and dust off) Dry Bones in Mario Tennis Aces.


John Friscia
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