Drum Box announced for Nintendo Switch as realistic drumming game

Drum Box Nintendo Switch Sanuk Games drumming drummer simulator game

Thai developer Sanuk Games has announced Drum Box for Nintendo Switch, which will be “by far, the most complete drumming game on the platform.” So toss any other drumming games in the trash, I guess. Drum Box will offer drum parts across eight different music genres, being reggae, rock, blues, hip hop, metal, jazz, funk, and salsa, and there is a total of three unlockable difficulties. Popular tracks from Drum! Drum! Drum!, which Sanuk describes as “the most renowned provider of backing tracks for drummers” on YouTube, will be featured in the game.

You don’t already need to be a percussion savant to enjoy Drum Box on Switch, as there is a training mode to learn and practice patterns. There is also a freestyle mode that lets you do your own thing with eight different drum kits, as well as a performance mode where you can “Build combos, beat your own score and earn medals!” An announcement trailer demonstrates how it will all actually play.

Drum Box does not have a price or release date on Nintendo Switch yet, but it will receive an English release in North America and Europe. This title marks Sanuk Games’ return to game development after a three-year hiatus.

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