Dreamscaper release date pushed forward for roguelite action in August

Dreamscaper release date Afterburner Studios Freedom Games August 5, 2021 roguelite action RPG with simulation elements

Publisher Freedom Games and developer Afterburner Studios have shifted the release date of action RPG roguelite Dreamscaper forward a week, now arriving on Thursday, August 5, 2021 on Nintendo Switch and Steam instead of August 12. The game has been available in Steam Early Access since August 2020, where it has garnered a “very positive” reception and seen several positive previews, so it seems Afterburner has made steady progress toward this 1.0 release over the past year.

Dreamscaper combines daytime simulation elements with nighttime hack-and-slash combat in your nightmares. Protagonist Cassidy befriends people around the city of Red Haven during the daytime that consequently unlock new abilities for her to use in her nightmares, where she is battling monsters in a roguelite dream version of Red Haven. The 1.0 launch will deliver two new bosses not seen in early access, Regret and Resentment, in addition to providing a difficulty slider and multiple endings.

While¬†the framing of Dreamscaper sounds a lot like that of recent Persona games, it is actually inspired by Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Afterburner Studios hasn’t played Persona. Regardless, as far as roguelites go, this title sounds like one of the more memorable ones in terms of premise and visual style. You can check out a new Dreamscaper trailer below announcing the earlier release date.

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