Drawn to Life ports from DS, plus larger sequels, are possible for Switch

Drawn to Life ports sequels Nintendo Switch Joseph M. Tringali Digital Continue 5th Cell 505 Games Drawn to Life: Two Realms

A month ago, publisher 505 Games and developer Digital Continue announced Drawn to Life: Two Realms, a new entry in a series all about exercising imagination. That title is coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, and iOS, but the franchise began on Nintendo DS. Those titles would require some reworking and modification to receive a port to Nintendo Switch, but Joseph M. Tringali, cofounder of Digital Continue and an executive producer of the Drawn to Life series, would like to explore the possibility. He said to Nintendo Everything that he had given the prospect of to Drawn to Life ports “a good amount of thought,” and he added the following:

Direct ports aren’t an option because of the extensive stylus features in the first two, but there are some cool ideas that I think could work well. Doing this, along with a bigger sequel, are both things we’d love to take on. However, any future plans depend 100 percent on a big enough audience to be there for it. It’s going to depend on the reception of Two Realms.

Drawn to Life and its cousin Scribblenauts were popular franchises once upon a time, so a resurgence would always be welcome. Last year, Nintendo Enthusiast interviewed Tringali about Digital Continue’s latest original IP, SuperMash.


John Friscia
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