Dragon Quest: Your Story 3D animated film in the works

Dragon Quest: Your Story 3D animated film movie Dragon Quest V

In retrospect, I’m shocked it took so long: Dragon Quest is getting a 3D animated film in Japan! It is called Dragon Quest: Your Story, and it is slated for summer release. The visual style is expected to be in line with that of Stand By Me Doraemon, and it is being directed by Takashi Yamazaki, who directed the sci-fi action horror movie Parasyte.

The movie will be grounded in Dragon Quest V and tell the story of the three generations of family from that game. This is a decision that is bound to excite long-time fans, as DQV has one of the most memorable and unique stories in the series. It’s a personal favorite of mine too.

I’m hoping that this isn’t the only piece of DQ news we get today, since we have a Nintendo Direct headed our way and Square Enix is seeming awfully excited about it…

Dragon Quest: Your Story 3D animated film

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