Dragon Quest XII preparations have begun, says executive producer

Dragon Quest XII preparations have begun, says executive producer

During the same Square Enix event that announced the soon-to-be-best-mobile-game-ever Dragon Quest Walk, a few words were spared about the inevitable Dragon Quest XII. According to Gematsu translation, series executive producer Yuu Miyake stated the following: “By the way, about Dragon Quest XII, which I’m sure is on everyone’s mind—[Yuji] Horii and I are currently making preparations on series developments that will connect to XII. I think it’s still too early, but we would like to announce it in some form, so please wait a little while longer.”

This statement is made at 15:46 in the video below.

In other words, Miyake acknowledges the game will exist and that Square Enix is thinking hard about it right now. The question of which console or consoles this game will land on is a big one though.

On one hand, Square Enix likes to release Dragon Quest on the latest console with the most players, which in Japan is actually Nintendo Switch. However, by the time Dragon Quest XII actually releases, we will likely be in a new console generation. If Dragon Quest XII ends up releasing on PlayStation 5, would Square Enix be able to “de-juice” the game enough for it to run on Switch?

Time will tell! In the interim, Dragon Quest XI S releases for Switch internationally this fall.


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