Dragon Quest XI S has an ‘ultimate boss’ and item for easier horse races

Dragon Quest XI S ultimate boss, Golden Reins easier horse races

For the longest time, we had no idea what Dragon Quest XI would even look like on Nintendo Switch. But in recent times, Square Enix has drip-fed us so many morsels about Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition that it’s hard to keep it all straight. This time around, as Siliconera translates, Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii has revealed a couple new details about his game at a Tokyo Game Show 2019 stage event.

Firstly, Dragon Quest XI S will have an “ultimate boss” hidden in the game, unlockable after fulfilling certain conditions, and it will be tougher than all the other bosses in other versions of the game (hence “ultimate”). Secondly, players will be able to obtain “Golden Reins,” which will make it easier to win horse races in the game. Apparently some players had found horse races too difficult before, and the intent with Golden Reins is to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the races as intended. Good ol’ Horii.

If you, uh, happen to be fluent in Japanese, this discussion apparently takes place around 3:06:16 in the video below. Alternatively, watch the entire six-and-a-half-hour video and see if you magically master Japanese in the process.

Today’s big news though is that Dragon Quest I, II, and III will be heading west digitally on Sept. 27, the same day that Dragon Quest XI S releases. It really feels like, intentionally or incidentally, Nintendo Switch might be ushering in a second golden age of the RPG. Especially with freakin’ Moon releasing internationally.


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