Dragon Quest X Offline producer explains the cute graphical style change

Dragon Quest X Offline producer explains the graphical style change

Japan is getting an offline version of Dragon Quest X next year, and producer Takuma Shiraishi shared some insights during a special 9th anniversary livestream for the MMORPG.

Square Enix first announced Dragon Quest X Offline during the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Special livestream back in May. The new information for DQX Offline comes from a Q&A segment from today’s broadcast. Most of the details were in the first question regarding the reason behind the change in graphics style, but we also got a few other interesting questions down the road.

Q1: What’s the reason behind the change of appearances from Dragon Quest X Online?

Dragon Quest X Offline producer explains the graphical style change

A: The reason for the change is to scale down the world and map that was originally made for an online setting. Keep in mind that the original Dragon Quest X was made with multiple players in mind, but since you won’t need that in Offline, the developers decided to scale things down for the sake of accessibility.

Dragon Quest X Offline producer explains the graphical style change

Producer Shiraishi also discussed the technique behind the change. It is called the “DD Rotoscope Rendering.” The developers had a good laugh about the word “rotoscope,” which contains the name “Roto” (Japanese name for Erdrick) and wanted to go with that, but they decided that it might be too confusing. The DD stands for dots and deformation. Rotoscope is a tech used to trace over motion pictures, which is essentially what the devs did by using previously available 3D data from the original DQX and making things smaller or deformed.

Dragon Quest X Offline producer explains the graphical style change

Square Enix decided to go with a cute chibi style for X Offline to remind players of the character sprites from the older Dragon Quest games. It also gives everything a friendlier vibe.

DQX Offline

We additionally get to see some changes on the maps. The developers added more effects for lighting, wind, and more.

DQX Offline

They also changed things up by making smaller objects larger, larger objects smaller, and so on to change things up from the original version. Here is some additional Q&A:

Q2: How far will the story go?

A: As the subtitle suggests, it will go up to the Awakening of the Five Tribes (Version 1) to start. However, since the online version’s story is still ongoing, the developers are looking into doing something but don’t have anything concrete to discuss for now.

Q3: Will the event scenes support voiceovers as we saw added in Dragon Quest X Online Version 5?

A: Yes.

Q4: What will happen with the battle system? Will it be the same as Dragon Quest X Online?

A: It will feature turn-based combat like the conventional Dragon Quest series. We’ll share more details about it soon.

Dragon Quest X Offline launches in Japan in 2022. The platform(s) have yet to be announced.