Dragon Quest X Offline has a unique ‘Spell of Restoration’

Dragon Quest X Offline has a unique Spell of Restoration

The ‘Spell of Restoration’ has been a recurring feature in the Dragon Quest series since the first game, and it comes with a unique twist for Dragon Quest X Offline.

If you’ve never heard of the Spell of Restoration, it started as a password system in Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest II. Back in the earlier Famicom days, save datas weren’t a thing. Instead, players had to save a password that was written down and later entered to resume the progress. This was done by using the Spell of Restoration. By the time Dragon Quest III was released, we had battery backup, so it made it possible to create save files, which made the Spell of Restoration and other similar password systems obsolete.

Using Spell of Restoration in Dragon Quest X Offline

Dragon Quest XI brought the feature back and allowed players to enter codes from the original Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest II to start the game with extra gold. In Dragon Quest X Offline, it becomes available upon clearing the game. The feature is how you’ll transfer your save data to the online version of Dragon Quest X. Best of all, you’ll get to start the online version with all jobs at level 70.

Dragon Quest X Offline has a unique Spell of Restoration

After clearing the game, you can visit the church to learn the Spell of Restoration. Save the password by either writing it down or taking a picture of your screen. Once you log into Dragon Quest X Online, you can enter your password to continue your progress.

DQX Offline fukkatsu no jumon

Moreover, you’ll also get the option to select which version to start from. The starting point options include Version 2 through Version 6.

Dragon Quest X Offline has a unique 'Spell of Restoration'

The above screenshot shows that all jobs are available at level 70. Those who already play the MMORPG version can start with a sub-character with all jobs at level 70.

Dragon Quest X Offline was slated to release in Japan on February 23, but it has been delayed to summer 2022. The game will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. In case you missed, it, DQX Offline will include an original episode and a new character.