Dragon Quest of the Stars is headed west with a beta incoming

Dragon Quest of the Stars mobile beta Square Enix English west

The world has finally received the glory that is Dragon Quest XI S, but the good tidings from Square Enix don’t stop there. Mobile game Dragon Quest of the Stars is getting an English release, and you can sign up to enter a closed beta on Android. Space is limited, so if registrations exceed supply, participants will be chosen randomly. The Dragon Quest to the Stars closed beta will occur Oct. 30 – Nov. 28, 2019.

The game has existed since 2015 in Japan and allows you to take a custom-created character on an adventure with turn-based battles. There is multiplayer for up to four players (similar to¬†Dragon Quest IX back on DS), and it generally looks attractive and robust for a mobile offering. Being an RPG, it won’t have to struggle with its control scheme the way other mobile games might. Unsurprisingly, this game was an instant hit in Japan, apparently hitting one million downloads in its first day.

To commemorate the occasion of Dragon Quest of the Stars heading west, there is a short but awesome new promotional video of some random white people battling some beautifully rendered monsters. I wonder if it was handled by the same geniuses that created the breathtaking Dragon Quest Walk trailer. Check it out, and then mosey over to the official website to get in on the Android beta.


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