\”Dragon Quest-ish\” Square Talks Possibility of Western DQX Release

Famitsu recently sat down with Dragon Quest X producers Yosuke Saito and Yu Miyake to see if they were considering the possibility of a worldwide release for their now year-old title for Wii and Wii U, a title that was only released in Japan.

Here’s the translated transcript of the exchange:

Famitsu: In terms of the PC version, are you looking at [releasing] overseas?

Miyake: Of course we are. However, with the overseas market, in regards to a \”Dragon Quest-ish\” management, standards and methods of play vary from country to country, so I don\’t think we\’ll be able to use the single game worldwide method like with Final Fantasy XI.

Saitou: This is just my take on it, but it appears that different countries play games at different speeds, and the community management is also diverse. It’s more than just if players would be able to enjoy universal seasonal events, so I believe we should manage countries and areas separately. That’s why I think we should have separate servers for each country.

So it seems that while they would consider bringing the title over to other regions, it wouldn\’t exactly be the same game.  Considering the cost involved with maintaining separate server farms and managing different instances of the world, as well as the lack of mainstream popularity outside Japan, they would be hard-pressed to make up those investments through traditional subscription models.  That doesn\’t preclude them, however, from creating differing or more appropriate remuneration models for a given country.

What are your thoughts?  Would you be interested in playing DQX in NA, EU, and AUS?  Let us know in the comments.

Wesley Stopford