Dragon Quest Heroes director discusses possibility of a third game

Koei Tecmo Omega Force Dragon Quest Heroes III director Tomohiko Sho

Although this particular series has strangely eluded release on Nintendo Switch in the west so far, Dragon Quest Heroes I & II released for Switch in Japan back in 2017, and fans are starting to wonder if a third game will ever come. Dragon Quest Heroes director (on the Koei Tecmo/Omega Force side) Tomohiko Sho commented on this possibility to Nintendo Everything, though he acknowledges it’s ultimately a Square Enix property and a decision lies with them:

So we’ve been talking a little about maybe putting out a third entry, but really the big thing is between I and II there were so many improvements made. If we were going to go from II to III, what else can we put in to really impress the players who played both games that will get them really excited and really emotionally moved by it? So there are a lot of hurdles. What would it be that we can put into the game? That’s still something we’re not sure how to do yet.

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force have become quite the, uh, force with their Dynasty Warriors franchise. Nobody ever really thought other franchises could be adapted to become Warriors-style games, but then it happened and the floodgates opened. From Hyrule Warriors to Persona 5 Scramble, everybody’s getting in on the Warriors act. A Dragon Quest Heroes III would surely be welcomed by its fans.


John Friscia
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