Dragon Quest ATMs in Japan are making withdrawals an adventure

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I don’t often have much reason to use an ATM — paperless future, yada yada. But when I do, like most people, I inevitably think to myself, “Gosh. I really wish this machine came with classic JRPG branding.” Fortunately, Japan has heard these cries. Japanese convenience store chain Lawson is bringing Dragon Quest ATMs to its stores through March 8, according to Kotaku.

These Dragon Quest ATMs feature the series’s classic font, its Slime mascot, and other images and sound effects from the franchise. Withdrawals apparently will come in Dragon Quest-branded envelopes as well. It’s all just such a perfect fit, when you think about it! (Don’t actually think about it.)

In the past, Lawson refashioned at least one entire convenience store with Dragon Quest XI branding in anticipation of that game’s release, resulting in the awesome images below.

Dragon Quest ATMs are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Japan’s close relationship with video games. For instance, video game music concerts are basically a normal thing over there, as opposed to a rare treat. And Mega Man has totally helped the Japanese authorities with cybersecurity, which is pretty nice of him.

Meanwhile, the U.S. has… some pretty good video game Netflix shows?


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