Dragon Ball: The Breakers focuses less on battles but offers plenty of DBZ elements

Dragon Ball The Breakers focuses less on battles but offers plenty of DBZ elements

The next DBZ game, Dragon Ball: The Breakers, isn’t all about the battles, but it’ll come packed with elements that fans of the series can appreciate. Producer Ryosuke Hara recently talked about the upcoming 7v1 asymmetrical survival game in a 4Gamer interview.

Below is a tidbit we’ve translated from the interview with producer Ryosuke Hara:

4Gamer: With everything from the time machine to Dragon Ball gathering and area destructions, we felt that the game is packed with Dragon Ball elements. Can you tell us about any difficulties implementing said Dragon Ball elements into the game design? What about any content that you weren’t able to implement?

Ryosuke Hara: “Up until now, many Dragon Ball games focused on battles. However, for Dragon Ball: The Breakers, you can say that it was easy to implement DBZ elements into the gameplay because you’re not directly involved in the battles. You’ll use ‘Transform’ to change yourself into other objects, and there are also things like ‘Saiyan Pods,’ for example. Since the game isn’t about defeating Raiders in combat, work on the battle elements was one of the difficult parts.”

In the same interview, producer Hara talked about balancing the game to avoid pay-to-win mechanics. The producer also recently mentioned that the game won’t have cross-play, so players will compete against other players from the same platform.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers will launch for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2022.