Dragon Ball FighterZ dev explains why Switch version took so long

Dragon Ball FighterZ Bandai Namco

In a perfect world, games would always launch first on whatever platform you happen to have, but Switch owners have gotten used to waiting a little longer for games to arrive. In the case of Dragon Ball FighterZ, the reason for its delayed launch compared to on other platforms is simple: Bandai Namco just didn’t know anything about the Switch’s specs when they first started planning the game.

This information comes from an interview at Switch Player magazine with Bandai Namco’s James O’Connor, where he says the following:

When the development for FighterZ first started for PS4/X1/PC platforms, information about the Switch was still quite vague. However, as the Switch was officially introduced to the world, we quickly understood the platform’s potential, and proceeded with development. At that time there were a lot of clashes with the PS4/ X1/ PC developments, so we decided to wait for development on the other platforms to be completed first before focusing on the Switch version.

So the reason for the wait is actually very straightforward this time around. This makes sense to me, since Bandai Namco is committed to making more games for the Switch. An additional detail shared from the interview is that Dragon Ball FighterZ will run at 60 frames per second for combat, which is often critical for making a fighting game playable on a competitive level.

Dragon Ball FighterZ releases on September 28, so the time is now to start charging your Spirit Bomb. (It takes three episodes, after all!)


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