Dr. Mario World hits mobile July 10, barely looks or plays like Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario World releases July 10, 2019 for Android and iOS mobile devices

Dr. Mario World is coming to Android and iOS on July 10. Preregistration is open now, though it doesn’t seem to matter one way or the other. The official website and a new video are explaining how the game works, and I have to say… This is not the¬†Dr. Mario I remember.

How to play Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario World is a match-three game now. You have a limited number of capsules by which to eliminate all viruses and solve the puzzles that make up each level. You can drag and drop capsules into place seemingly at your leisure.

The game will have five worlds to start, with more being added later. It costs hearts to play a level (*siiiiiiiiiiiigh*), but they regenerate over time. You can pay real money for “diamonds” in order to buy more hearts or other items. You can also use diamonds or coins to add new doctors to your roster, but the doctor you get (like Dr. Peach or Dr. Yoshi) might be random. In any case, each doctor has a unique skill to help get through a level.

I really don’t want to be that impractical person who insists a video game should never change, and I wasn’t expecting¬†Dr. Mario World to play identically to classic Dr. Mario. However, to me, this looks less like a new spin on Dr. Mario and more like a generic spin on other match-three games with a Dr. Mario skin planted on top of it. I would love to be wrong here, but… well, time will tell.

In any case, Nintendo is hot off a spectacular E3, so I’m going to cut them some slack for what looks like another questionable mobile experience.


John Friscia
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