Dr. Mario World adds spectred spectacle Dr. Boo tomorrow

Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario World apparently still doesn’t have enough doctors, so it’s adding Dr. Boo, the roster’s fortieth member (and far from the most outlandish). Dr. Boo joins the game alongside Season 4, which adds a brand new tenth tier and World 20, which will feature stages 761 through 780 in Area 1.

This ghostly doctor represents a new realm for the medical ensemble in Dr. Mario World. Still, with previous characters like Dr. Fire Rosalina, Dr. Dolphin, and even Dr. Goomba Tower, Dr. Boo is far from being a shocking or even a perplexing addition to the squad.

Indeed, Dr. Mario must be facing quite a plague – he has already called on common enemies and literal babies to help fight the virus, and now he’s resorted to summoning the dead. Just how dangerous is this virus?

Are you still playing Dr. Mario World? Have you enjoyed the game as much as other mobile Nintendo offerings? We liked the game well enough in our review, scoring it an 8 out of 10. Our reviewer complimented the game’s fresh blend of traditional Dr. Mario gameplay and new mechanics, its multiplayer mode, and the challenging optional content, while chastising the fact that progression could at times be quite slow if you wanted to avoid microtransactions.


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