Dancing feet trial: Cadence of Hyrule demo now available to download


Back in June, the infectious Cadence of Hyrule launched on Switch. Marrying Zelda’s adventure elements with rhythm dancing proved to be quite a wonderful idea. If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing the game, today is a good day for you. Nintendo has announced a free demo of Cadence of Hyrule is ready to download on the eShop.

Download and be ready to catch the beat

The demo was revealed alongside an accolades trailer for the title:

Damn, those remixes are straight fire. Make sure you give the OST a listen, at least, even if Cadence of Hyrule isn’t your style of game.

I got a chance to play a few hours of Cadence of Hyrule during my visit to E3 2019. A fellow Nintendo Enthusiast played co-op mode with me. While he CLEARLY had the better sense of tempo, I enjoyed trying to nail the beats of various Zelda tunes. Above all, with a bit of practice, anyone can become a pro at the unique rhythm title.

Dancing professionals the world over, are you going to download the Cadence of Hyrule trial? Have any of you already purchased the game? Let us know your life decisions in the comment field below.



Arthur Damian
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