Downhill Biking ‘Descenders’ will Come to Switch After PS4/Xbox One


The folks over at indie studio RageSquid recently launched their procedurally-generated downhill biking game Descenders a few weeks ago on PC. It was announced to be coming to Xbox One, PS4 and Switch last year, but now some new news has surfaced surrounding these console versions.

RageSquid co-founder Roel Ezendam recently sat down with Red Bull for an interview where he talked about Descenders in-depth. The topic of the Switch version came up, and Ezendam’s response wasn’t the most positive.

According to Ezendam, the development team has ran into issues bringing Descenders to the Switch due to the system not being as powerful as the PS4 and Xbox One. He admitted that not much work has been done on the port; the team has only tested early versions of the game. They weren’t happy with the poor performance, so RageSquid has decided to begin working on the Switch version of the game only after the PS4 and Xbox One editions are complete.

Here’s Ezendam’s full quote:

“We ran early versions of the game on our dev kit but it was painfully obvious that a Switch port is going to require a lot of work; performance is a huge bottleneck when porting Descenders. We’ll also have to think about how we’re going to use the unique setup in any way but we would really like to do something fun with it. The way it’s built opens up a lot of unique opportunities that we can use to the game’s advantage, but it’s not something we’ve already planned out. For now, we’re focusing heavily on the Xbox port and the PS4 port will be close after. Only then we’ll be able to get working on the Switch port.”

Personally, I find it weird that the team announced that they’d be bringing the game over to Switch without thoroughly testing it beforehand. That seems to be jumping the gun a bit, in my opinion. In any case, at least this is a confirmation that it’s still coming, rather than it being canceled. We’ll have to wait and see how things turn out.


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