Doug Bowser speaks on his E3 Nintendo Direct appearance

doug bowser and his Reggie lesson

In this past week’s E3 Nintendo Direct, Doug Bowser, the current Nintendo of America president, made an appearance alongside the big King Koopa himself to make a presentation. Doug Bowser’s feature in the Nintendo Direct was surprisingly charming and provided some personality to Nintendo’s newest recognizable face, and on a recent special E3 episode of the Nintendo Power Podcast, he explains how that Bowser-to-Bowser segment was filmed.

At the 2:30 mark, Doug Bowser sheds some light on his Direct appearance:

That was a lot of fun. Just a little inside story: as we were filming that – it was funny – obviously we didn’t have a CG Bowser in the room. We had someone in a blue suit with a big pole coming out of the top of his head and a piece of tape really high up, and those were meant to be Bowser’s eyes. And so, as we were obviously engaging with that particular person, we were supposed to be looking up at the eyes. I can’t tell you how many takes we had to do, because I kept staring at the actual eyes of the actor instead of way up to Bowser’s eyes. I basically kept talking to Bowser’s chest.

For reference, Doug Bowser’s appearance can be seen at 4:40:

Inside scoop aside, the latest Nintendo Power Podcast is worth a full-listen. Throughout the podcast, Doug Bowser also shares his thoughts on this year’s E3, upcoming Nintendo titles that excite him, some depth about Nintendo’s booth and showcases, and way more.


Kevin Cortez
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