Double Take: Moon Chronicles And The Wii U

Earlier today, the official Moon Twitter account teased a possible Wii U port/remaster, asking people to retweet and favorite if they would support a Kickstarter for the project. Speaking personally, I love the idea. I\’ve been pretty hesitant on jumping in on the 3DS version of the game, despite the relatively low price; I\’ve heard too many mixed opinions. Seeing the game with significantly improved visuals and on a more comfortable console (for me, anyways) would be more than enough for me to finally jump in.

Still – there are some reservations to be had here. For starters, the developers – Renegade Kid – are extremely busy already. Of course, according to them, both the remaining episode of Moon Chronicles and their E-Shop Metroidvania title Xeodrifter are nearly completed, so this remake/port would simply fill that soon-to-be-vacant portion of their development strategy. Even so, they still have the long-awaited Mutant Mudds 2 and the consistently delayed Treasurenauts that they keep putting on hold for new projects. Potentially having to hold off on games like that for a port of a just-released game is a questionable decision (although I do not, of course, know the full set-up or development strategies of Renegade Kid, so perhaps this would not be a problem).

Plus, an HD port is a lot of work. Moving straight from 3DS tech to the drastically different Wii U tech is plenty of work by itself, and improving the game enough for an immediate port to be a worthwhile would surely take a lot of time and effort. It would also take up a lot of resources, which could be used towards something brand new (though again – I have little idea of how RK’s internal set-up works).


Another problem is Kickstarter. Renegade Kid’s last FPS Kickstarter project – Cult County – did not reach anywhere near its needed funding (which is unfortunate; that game looked hugely promising.) In this case, we know at least a few hundred people are interested in funding Moon Chronicles Wii U thanks to Twitter, but retweets don\’t automatically turn into backers. And though Moon would inevitably receive more recognition thanks to the fact that a lot of people have played it already, there is again the problem of Chronicles just now releasing – there may not be a ton of people willing to help fund an updated version of something they just played.

So in this case, if RK goes for it, they will probably need to keep the funding goal somewhat low – yet still keep the improvements from the original notable enough to encourage previous players to play and back an updated version. It\’ll be a tough balancing act if the team goes through with the project, but it’s a risk that may just be worth it.

Whatever the case, I would certainly buy a Wii U version of Moon, and would even consider helping fund it. I\’d even bet plenty of fans of of the 3DS version would pitch in for an improved version as well, and there is no shortage of people who wouldn\’t play or find out about it without a Wii U port. Even so, it’s questionable whether this is the right choice for the future of the team. With an unsuccessful Kickstarter in the past and plenty of dormant projects, this might not be the best direction. Still, even if it isn\’t, we might just end up with a clever, fun, far improved first person shooter on the Wii U E-Shop, and it’s hard to argue with that.

Double Take is a series where we take recent announcements and occurrences in the gaming industry and offer our immediate thoughts on them.

Jonathan Harrington