Double Kick Heroes will shred on Switch in summer

Double Kick Heroes for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Double Kick Heroes, a “unique rhythm metal shooter” is coming to Nintendo Switch in summer according to Nintendo UK’s new Indie Highlights video. This game comes from developer Headbang Club and publisher Plug in Digital, and it seem to have pixel-based ‘tude up the wazoo. You play as a bunch of metalheads who kill zillions of zombies while rocking out in your car. The game will feature more than 30 original songs, featuring bands like Gojira. The Switch version will also support Joy-Con motion controls.

The video says that Double Kick Heroes is coming “first” to Switch, but the game is already for sale on Steam, so one would assume that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases are coming later in the year.

That’s not all the hot news that came out of Indie Highlights though! For instance, Wargroove now has a release date.


John Friscia
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