Double Cross will blast onto Switch in January 2019

Double Cross Switch

13AM Games have announced today that their next game, titled Double Cross, will be releasing in January 2019.  When the action-platformer launches next year it will be a console exclusive to Switch, while also releasing on PC.

This was announced at the end of a new gameplay trailer released by the Toronto-based studio. The video, which features on Nintendo of America’s YouTube page, can be seen below:

Double Cross follows Zahra Sinclair, a RIFT (Regulators of Interdimensional Frontiers & Technology) agent on her adventures. She is tasked with protecting the Multiverse from intergalactic threats, which is seemingly no mean feat. While the platformer is primarily action-based, it looks as though players will be unraveling a conspiracy that threatens the galaxy. This will be done by investigating leads and talking to your fellow RIFT agents.

Interestingly, it seems that with this title 13AM Games have chosen to utilise an art style reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons. This seems apt given the silly, cartoonish nature of the game. However, the art style is a stark departure from the more simplistic stylings of Runbow.

Double Cross is not the first offering by 13AM Games on the system; their previous title Runbow saw a release on the Switch earlier this year in the form of a Deluxe Edition. The fast-paced party platformer originally released as a console exclusive Wii U title before seeing new life on other platforms including the 3DS.

Will you be picking up Double Cross when it reaches the Switch early next year? Tell us down in the comment section below! The title certainly looks interesting and from an indie studio as talented as 13AM Games it seems to be one to keep an eye out for. If you’re in the mood for some platforming fun in the meantime, then Runbow comes highly recommended from yours truly.


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