$6 gets you the original Doom trilogy on the Switch eShop right now

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I was gonna use the remaining cash on my debit card to go out and buy six candy bars, but now I’ve got a decision to make. While we won’t be seeing Doom Eternal release alongside Animal Crossing: New Horizons until next month, those of us who really need a quick and affordable fix of demon-slaying and Hell-conquering should head on over to the Switch eShop. There, you’ll find the first three Doom games on sale for $6 total–the original game and its sequel run $1.50 apiece, while Doom 3 costs a whopping $3. This is a great opportunity to experience some classic and highly influential early FPS games on the cheap. Plus, if you want to catch up on the revered series, you can get your foot in the door now and be prepared when Doom 64 drops on the Switch eShop on March 20.

I haven’t had the chance to try these games out, but they must have maintained their incredible popularity over the years for a reason, a fact reiterated by their active modding communities and a fanbase that is still dedicated to slapping the original Doom onto anything with a screen. Sure, pixelated demon guts won’t be anywhere near as tasty as a couple of Kit Kats, but I’ll gladly trade my next few trips to the vending machine for a date with some beloved retro shooters.

Will you be grabbing any of the early Doom games from this eShop sale, or would you rather devote that $6 toward something else? Let us know in the comments.

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