If Doom is on Switch, What Other AAA Games Can We Expect?

We’ve all heard the arguments: “Switch is too weak to run AAA third party games.” “Switch has to run third party games with compromises.” “There are no hardcore gamers such as myself on Switch, so AAA rated-M-for-Mature games wouldn’t sell on it.”

Oh, yeah? Well, Bethesda’s putting Doom on the Switch. Freaking Doom! The hardest of the hardcore, the graphic-est of the most graphical, the M-est of the M-for-Mature – DOOM. All uppercase, no subtitle, rip-and-tear DOOM. These other third party developers have no excuse anymore, folks. The time for cute Tweets from devs is over: it’s time to step on it or get stepped on by Bethesda.

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These Games Have No Excuses:

Let’s take a look at some of the other too-hardcore-for-Nintendo games that can totally come to Switch. If DOOM can do it, so can they.

Resident Evil 7

What’s up with this game?

It may not be as atmospheric and terrifying as Alien Isolation; the horror may not be as disturbing as in SOMA; and the combat may not be as fun as in the Evil Within, but this is the first Resident Evil game I’ve actually enjoyed playing since Resident Evil 4 on the GameCube (or better, the Wii version). This game is one that I hope gets a chance to shine on the Switch.

But before the last DLC for RE7 is even out, Capcom has decided to push the HD remasters of Revelations 1 and 2 out on all systems, including the Switch on November 18. There is no doubt that Capcom is going to hide behind the sales of these ports, as the company always does, but hopefully the sales potential of the Switch will speak for itself and Capcom will come around to the Switch.

Considering that Capcom themselves asked Nintendo for more RAM on the system specifically for their RE Engine, I hope they have more than SNES and 3DS ports to deliver.

Destiny 2

What’s up with this game?

Speaking to IGN, project lead Mark Noseworthy said that Bungie has “no plans right now for Switch.” His argument is that, as an online-only game, it’s unrealistic to bring Destiny 2 to a portable system. While I understand the hesitation behind porting an online-only game to a system with a yet-nonexistent online infrastructure, I think it would be foolish of any developer to ignore the long-term sales potential of any game on the Switch, online-only or not.

That said, even if Nintendo’s online infrastructure improved by leaps and bounds in the coming year, I think a port of Destiny 2 would ultimately be unlikely, as Bungie might prefer to focus on adding content to their existing game versions rather than giving a portion of its team the task of porting it to the Switch. They have a microtransaction business to run, after all.

Monster Hunter World

What’s up with this game?

Oh Capcom, how could you do this to us?  We stuck with you for years. Remember when we’d talk about our future together? Then we took it to the next level, and never once regretted it. But now? You leave us, just like that?  And for that shut-in, agoraphobic console! Believe me, that won’t work out well for you. You were born to roam, baby.

It’s hard to understand why Monster Hunter, a franchise that has sold much more on portable systems than on home consoles would decide to move out to the Playstation 4 for its next big installment. The go-to conspiracy theory is that they signed some kind of exclusivity deal with Sony. I think this is ultimately not the case, just from the fact that Sony hasn’t proclaimed it so. You could fart in the elevator of Sony’s corporate headquarters, and they would announce it as a Sony Elevator Exclusive.

A more likely reason is that development for Monster Hunter World quite simply started long before Capcom knew anything about the Switch. If this is the case, then it’s very possible that we’ll eventually see the game on the Switch. Believe me, I hope this is the case more out of love for Monster Hunter than out of love for Nintendo. As much as Sony fans now love the idea of Monster Hunter coming back to its alma mater, they’d do well to prepare for when Capcom inevitably lashes out at them for not buying enough copies to cover the massive development costs. They like to do that sort of thing. The Switch, being a portable AAA games system and all, is where Monster Hunter World could see the numbers it deserves.

Dark Souls 3

What’s up with this game?

Of all the parallel universes, there isn’t a single one in which Nintendo fans wouldn’t be happy to play a Souls game. These games are hard, have tight controls and combat mechanics, and are Zelda-like adventures that span dozens of hours.

Now, any Souls fan will argue to death about which game is the best in the series, and Dark Souls 3 is not often the one they pick. In fact, each game has its unique issues that may push some players or others away from them. Taken together, however, the Dark Souls trilogy offers one of the deepest, most robust experiences of any single player game, and one that all fans of action adventure games should play.

Going by that old Laura Kate Dale rumor (from nearly a year ago), such a trilogy is a possibility on the Switch. As someone that has already played all of the Souls games (and their DLC), I’ll be there on day one to replay the entire franchise if it ever does come to the Switch.

Grand Theft Auto V

What’s up with this game?

GTA V might not have the subtle simulation aspects of GTA IV, but by bringing together the arcade controls of the earlier games with the 3D design of the later games, it has proven to be the most fun GTA yet. I say that as someone that never even touched the online portion of the game, which is alive and well (and making money) to this day.

Though it would be easy for Rockstar and Take Two Interactive to use the lackluster online infrastructure of the Switch as an excuse to not port it over, there is nothing stopping them from making bank with the single player portion of it; When it comes to the performance requirements, Grand Theft Auto V doesn’t even get the benefit of the doubt. The game came out for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 more than 4 years ago, so right off the bat you know this thing could run on the Switch without a hitch. Even though it has been since remastered for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, it would be hard to believe that this game wouldn’t run as well as DOOM on the Switch, if not far smoother.

And finally, I sincerely hope that Take Two Interactive doesn’t think that L.A. Noire will be a good test for the sales potential of GTA V on the Switch. A bad game could never be a good test for the sales of a good game on any console.

That said, there is a single ray of hope out there for those that want to play GTA V on the Switch. Last month, some guy on NeoGaf that people reportedly find trustworthy said nothing but a single word – “patience” – which led a number of media outlets to report that GTA V on Switch was a possibility. If that’s enough to get you hyped, that’s fine with me. Personally, I would be more interested in seeing Rockstar bring us their next game:

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