Nintendo may be DOOMed: Smash Bros. Ultimate Mii hats point to possible Geno and DOOM Slayer inclusion

DOOM Slayer

Smash Bros. Ultimate certainly has a varied roster. Though we have four fighters revealed for the first Fighter Pass, we still do not know who the fifth combatant will be. Also, the identities of any of the five additional characters for the second Fighter Pass are a mystery. However, due to a video from 4Chan, a possible leak appears to show new Mii hats that depict Mallow and the Cacodemon. This may point to the heavily requested Geno and DOOM Slayer as future DLC fighters.

DOOM Slayer in Smash would be bonkers

Have a look at the clip featuring the hats below:

Blurry and short, but that headgear looks legit. As always, though, take this footage with a huge grain of salt.

If these costumes point to Geno and DOOM Slayer as DLC fighters, people are going to lose their minds. It’s certainly feasible, as Super Mario RPG is a beloved classic and there are numerous DOOM titles available on Switch. Hopefully, we will get information on upcoming characters after Terry’s launch this month. One thing is certain: Waluigi fans continue to get no love.

Enthusiasts, what do you make of this potential leak? Does it appear to be real? Would you download Geno and DOOM Slayer for Smash Bros. Ultimate? Let us know your answers to these questions down below.

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