Doom REKKR Add-on takes players to Norse-inspired setting

Doom REKKR Add-on takes players to Norse-inspired setting doom mod bethesda

Fancy mixing the original Doom with Skyrim? Sounds like a good combo to us, and we’ll now be able to realize something along those lines. The REKKR add-on for Doom is out now, as Bethesda continues to port existing mods over to the recent re-releases. REKKR, created by Matthew “Revae” Little, has a heavy Norse flavor and follows a Viking on his adventures.

This Doom REKKR Add-on is a complete conversion of the base game. REKKR casts you as a mighty warrior who narrowly survives a shipwrecked expedition. Upon making land, he encounters a terrifying occupying force. The Add-on not only changes the setting of Doom, but it introduces appropriate weaponry too. In REKKR, you can make use of an axe and a runic staff to dispatch your enemies, rather than the traditional arsenal.

Doom REKKR Norse mod

REKKR contains four episodes and 25 levels in total, along with a new soundtrack. If you have Doom installed on your Switch, head to the Add-ons menu and you’ll find it there. It follows the SIGIL mod, but this one is the first time a full Doom conversion has been added officially by Bethesda.

In other news, Limited Run Games revealed an awesome Classic Doom Helmet bundle recently.


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