Wear and tear: Limited Run reveals an extremely cool replica of the DOOM helmet

DOOM helmet

Limited Run and DOOM go together as well as mustard on a hot dog. The preservationists of all things physical have done cool stuff with the property before. Now, the company is honoring the origin of the FPS series with a Classic DOOM Helmet Collector’s Bundle.

The DOOM helmet is gonna cost you a pretty penny

The nifty package you see above comes with the following:

  • Rad replica of the DOOM helmet, complete with battle damage
  • Floppy disc pin of the original MS-DOS hardware for all us children of the 90s
  • Art print depicting the iconic cover of the first game

All of this can be yours for $139.99. The bundle will go on sale on September 25th at 10 AM Eastern Time on Limited Run’s website. And no, it doesn’t come with a copy of the very first DOOM in any capacity. What gives?!

Regardless, this is an awesome collection. I’d love to spend the money to nab these goodies if I am able, seeing as how only 4000 helmet bundles will be available worldwide. Hopefully, I’ll look just as stylish as the person with the existential crisis pictured below:

DOOM helmet

Enthusiasts, will you be obtaining one of the DOOM helmet bundles on Friday? Let us know your plans in the comment section below.


Arthur Damian
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