Doom Eternal’s director wants Doom Slayer in Smash, Nintendo doesn’t

Doom Eternal Doom Slayer Director Smash

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is overflowing with characters, and Nintendo keeps adding more. Following the first Fighters Pack, Nintendo has already revealed that six more combatants are on the way. Fans have driven themselves into a frenzy speculating and hoping about those future characters. One name that has come up time and time again is the Doom Slayer. This iconic badass has been included in countless rumor lists, but does he really have a shot? As it turns out, Doom Eternal‘s director is totally on board. Unfortunately, it seems Nintendo is not.

Nintendo’s not digging Doom Slayer

Speaking with Metro Games Central, Doom Eternal director Marty Stratton was asked about the possibility of Doom Slayer in Smash. Although he wants it to happen, it doesn’t sound likely.

GC: What about the rumours of Doom Slayer being in Smash Bros.? [This was a couple of days before the Byleth announcement – GC] Do you think it could ever happen?

MS: I don’t know. We’ve asked them.

GC: You asked them?

MS: Yeah.

GC: Well, that’s how Solid Snake got in it. Would they discount it just because of the gore and violence though?

MS: I dunno. You would honestly have to ask them. We’ve never been approached and said, ‘Hey can Doomguy be in Smash Bros.?’ But we’re open-minded if they wanna ask. But we hear it all the time [from fans]. Who would say no? [laughs]

It seems Stratton (or perhaps someone else from the Doom Eternal team) has already contacted Nintendo, but Nintendo’s not calling back. Perhaps it’s due to Doom Slayer’s particularly brutal nature. Either way, it looks like any Smash “leaks” including him have it wrong.


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