Doom Eternal on Switch gets 30 minutes of impressive gameplay footage

Doom Eternal Switch footage 30 minutes gameplay Panic Button id Software Bethesda

At the end of last month, publisher Bethesda and port specialist Panic Button finally revealed Doom Eternal footage on Nintendo Switch and its release date. It’s finally launching today, and the developer of the Doom 2016 Switch port once again delivers a solid conversion.

Courtesy of GameXplain, we’ve feasted our eyes on half an hour of Doom Eternal Switch footage, and it’s looking pretty remarkable. Remember, Doom Eternal runs on id Tech 7, id Software’s latest, next-gen engine. It’s pretty advanced and aims to deliver high frame rates and resolutions on PC and consoles. However, it turns out it’s pretty scalable tech too for systems like the Switch.

When we spoke to Panic Button last month, the team expressed how much it valued frame rate above all in Doom Eternal on Switch. While the target drops to 30 FPS on Switch for obvious reasons, it’s looking like it’ll hold very close to that target. Dynamic resolution scaling is in place to ensure that image quality takes a hit before performance.

The video runs through a few of the opening mission areas, and it looks really stable to our eyes. GameXplain is rocking docked mode for capture reasons while testing out gyro controls, and the control scheme “works pretty well” going by early testing.

Doom Eternal launches exclusively on the Nintendo Switch eShop today, Dec. 8.

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