Doom Eternal: Marty Stratton discusses the franchise’s expanding lore

Doom Eternal - Marty Stratton

With QuakeCon 2019 just behind us, it’s easy to feel the hype generated for id Software’s upcoming continuation to the Doom (2016) reboot. During the event, the creative director for Doom Eternal, Marty Stratton, sat down with TechRapter to talk about all things Doom. In particular, Stratton shared from his perspective what it is like to focus on expanding the lore of the franchise with the upcoming sequel.

The UAC, Mars, Earth, and, of course, Hell are all staples of the series since the franchise’s creation in the early 90s. Now, however, Doom Eternal is promising to take players to unseen worlds within the Doom Universe. This evolution is only natural as Stratton shared that “it’s been good for the game.” Of course, the goal is to be engaging and Stratton believes that the “lore and story and everything, having a background and a history to it adds to the engagement level.” He likened this evolution to fully realized universes in pop culture such as Star Wars or Game of Thrones that bring layers of history to the table in order to cultivate a fanbase. In other words, the same old thing tends to become dull after a while. Adding more flavor to the mixture keeps things fresh.

The story of Doom

Stratton has also realized that Doom has never actually been a game that was heavy on story. Yet, it is iconic to fans of the shooter series. But now, he feels that being able to offer a sense of wonder and depth to the series will be a treat for longtime fans of the games. Stratton delved into the team’s thought process and what players can expect with Doom Eternal.

But we could look at it in 2016 as a whole and say: What does the brand mean to people at a high level? This super badass take, one man against the armies of hell, you know, that guy’s pretty badass. So how do we spin that and make that an interesting and somewhat believable storyline while still being like completely comic book and crazy? We arrived at the story of the Doom Slayer and stuff, and in Eternal we’re going to answer a lot of questions: Is it the same Doomguy, all those things. So it’s been very fun and honestly kind of easy to work with because you could do anything and the brand itself is so strong and fun. It’s just been a blast turning him into this character that everybody loves, reintroducing him to a whole new generation of fans.

Be sure to check out TechRaptor’s full interview with Marty as he shares his insight into having the opportunity to reboot Doom and also discusses the departure of Tim Willits from the studio. And in case you haven’t reached maximum hype levels yet for Doom Eternal, remember that you can now purchase Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 on the Nintendo eShop. Finally, if you’re interested in learning more about the history of Doom, be sure to check out our four-part miniseries discussing the origins and legacy of the franchise.

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