Check out 9 brutal minutes of Master Level DOOM Eternal gameplay

Doom Eternal gameplay Nintendo Switch Panic Button id Software Marty Stratton

If you’ve played the 2016 entry in the famous FPS series about rippin’ and tearin’ demons on Mars, DOOM Eternal gameplay is pretty much exactly what you’d expect. We’ve seen lots already, but the hype machine needs constant stoking, and a recent video from IGN provides exactly that. The clip stars nine new minutes of appropriately gory DOOM Eternal gameplay, showcasing a host of crazy, high-powered weapons mowing down hordes of dastardly, horrifying demons on the “Cultist Base” Master Level. Like I said, if you played the most recent DOOM game, you know exactly what you’re in for. So far, DOOM Eternal looks a lot like more DOOM, just amped up, if that’s even possible.

DOOM Eternal gameplay like this absolutely does not disappoint. The game looks tough, energetic, and like a nonstop barrage of demons to line up and knock down. I loved the most recent DOOM–it’s one of my favorite FPS titles of all time–and what we’ve seen thus far tells me that the torch has been passed beautifully.

Many of us, including DOOM Eternal‘s director, are all hands on deck for Animal Crossing: New Horizons to launch March 20, but terrific DOOM Eternal gameplay like this shows exactly why another fanbase is so excited for that day. March 20 is going to be a great day for games.

Nick Pearson
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