Doom Eternal devs watch speedrunner rip and tear the game in 27 minutes

Doom Eternal art direction

Doom Eternal isn’t on Switch just yet, but speedrunners playing the game on other systems have already absolutely dismantled the game. In fact, Xamide, a speedrunner holding the current world record for the fastest playthrough of the gory FPS, has already completed the game in just 27 minutes. IGN decided to see how the title’s developers would react when brought face to face with the god of their own creation, so just like with The Outer Worlds, they sat a few devs down and made them watch Xamide totally eviscerate the game. Check out the video below and commiserate with a few totally bewildered members of the crew behind Doom Eternal, including Executive Producer Marty Stratton, Game Director Hugo Martin, Level Design Director Jerry Keehan, and Lead Game Programmer Evan Eubanks.

The developer reactions are pretty hilarious. With a constant chorus of “what the hell,” jokes about how Xamide did not take the proper time to appreciate the game’s lore or scenery, and comments like “I think he’s played this before,” this speedrun is a joy to watch with their commentary. It’s also cool hearing the devs and how impressed they are with the speedrun. They also show a lot of respect for folks like Xamide who put time into completely demolishing games like Doom Eternal. The devs discuss all sorts of Easter eggs that they could hide high above the levels and in other strange areas only accessible among speedrun routes. Ultimately, it’s just a really fun video of a guy smashing a very awesome game into smithereens.

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