Doom & Doom II on Switch add Doom Zero mod featuring 32 new levels

Doom II Doom Zero mod add-on Bethesda id software

It’s 2020 and the first two classic Doom games are not only on Switch, but also see regular updates. Most of these come from the modding community, as Bethesda moderates fan add-ons and brings them to the games in an official capacity. This saw a Norse mod arrive back in September, and now it’s time for Doom Zero in Doom and Doom II.

Doom Zero sticks closely to what the original Doom games offer, adding 32 new levels that follow the classic style. It’s still fresh Doom content though, and Zero includes new bosses, enemy types, sound effects, music tracks, and new sprites.

The mod, created by Christopher Golden, initially arrived for the PC version on the 25th anniversary of Doom II. It took two years for the modder to develop, and we’re not surprised considering the amount of content it offers. Bethesda must have been impressed by it too for the publisher to formally add it to the game on all platforms.

If that ain’t enough Doom for you, Doom Eternal finally arrived on Nintendo Switch last week. Port specialist Panic Button delivered another fantastic conversion for the Switch platform, successfully translating the game for lower-powered hardware. In the end it only launched digitally, but it’s nice to finally see it release.

You can grab the Doom Zero mod forĀ Doom andĀ Doom II on Switch.


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