Doom and Doom II on Switch get free BTSX add-on campaign

Doom and Doom II

When Bethesda put the first three classic entries in the Doom series up on the Nintendo eShop, these weren’t just one-and-done ports of some of the most iconic FPS titles in history. After some initial patches that dealt with an annoying forced-login issue the games presented, Bethesda also went on to add a number of bonus campaigns to the first two games for free. These add-ons, original released as WAD mod files for the games years ago, introduce a suite of new levels with challenging enemies and brand new environments. The Deathless Doom WAD came to the first game as a free update back in May, and now fans will be able to grab the BTSX add-on for free in both games.

Bethesda describes the BTSX, Episode 1 add-on for Doom and Doom II as follows:

BTSX, Episode 1

Don’t let the “Episode 1” bit fool you – this WAD is the full package. Power your way through 27 maps with custom palettes and unique music to give each level its own feel.

Adding to the jam-packed nature of BTSX is its impressive credits list. Among the list of authors that collaborated on this project are familiar Nods to Mods names such as No End in Sight’s Xaser, Double Impact’s RottKing and Deathless’ own Jimmy!

BTSX can be accessed via the main menu for both Doom games. Other add-ons available for the games include SIGIL, TNT: Evilution, No Rest for the Living, and The Plutonia Experiment.


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