Slay: Limited Run announces physical release of DOOM 64 for Switch


DOOM 64 has been available digitally on Switch since March. However, there was no talk about whether the game would receive physical treatment through Limited Run. Thankfully, today the company announced two editions of the FPS that will contain the tiny cartridges we all love to lick.

The Classic Edition of DOOM 64 looks lovingly crafted

Rest your pupils on images of the special editions below:

While the regular edition of DOOM 64 looks fine, the Classic Edition ($54.99) is much more appealing. The poster and behind the scenes booklet are great but the retro box and cart are on another level. I feel like I’m at a video rental store in the ’90s all over again. Sadly, the commemorative cart doesn’t actually work on a Nintendo 64. Looks like I hooked mine up for nothing.

Pre-orders open on September 25 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET at Limited Run’s website. Remember to set your alarms!

Enthusiasts, will you be procuring the Classic Edition of DOOM 64? Are you tempted to blow in the metal cartridge to get the title to work on your old system? And speaking of DOOM, whatever happened to the DOOM Eternal Switch port? Let us know your musings on these topics in the comment section below.

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