Donkey Kong is Joining Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

The January 11th Nintendo Direct featured the reveal trailer for Donkey Kong coming to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. DK will be the first full character to be featured as DLC for the popular Switch strategy title. Not much is known about the character but the trailer seems to highlight a banana weapon that works like a boomerang as well as DK tossing a character to a platform. These could both be hints at what the character will bring to the table when he joins the battle.

Nintendo confirmed that the DLC will be out this Spring. It also confirmed that DK would be part of a paid DLC Pack. Nothing else was mentioned so there is no indication on price or other items or modes included. We will keep you updated as more news about this DLC pack is revealed.

What do you think about DK joining Mario + Rabbids? Are you still playing Mario + Rabbids and if now, is DK enough to bring you back? Let us know in the comments.

Chris White
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