Donkey Kong fan site alleges more details on new Donkey Kong game

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Yesterday, we reported on a fat rumor that a new Donkey Kong game is in development internally for Nintendo Switch at Nintendo EPD, with claims made by a YouTuber, a known leaker, and Nintendo Life. From the sounds of those rumors, the Super Mario Odyssey team is developing a perhaps 2.5D Donkey Kong game that is likely to be announced at E3 2021. None of that information has been confirmed in any way, of course, but now Donkey Kong fan site DK Vine has come forward with additional claims on the subject.

DK Vine has posted a long article that is one part victory lap (the author saying he has known for two years that Nintendo is making a Donkey Kong game and that it was mentioned in passing on a podcast), one part alleged Nintendo history lesson, and one part additional claims on the alleged game. Here are some relevant claims from DK Vine:

Development of the new Donkey Kong game purportedly began around 2017 or 2018, when Nintendo decided to bring Donkey Kong back internally for the first time since Nintendo EAD’s Donkey Kong Jungle Beat… although Jungle Beat was more of a stopgap than a permanent status quo. …

The way (the rumors are) being phrased makes it sound like this is just the Odyssey team doing Donkey Kong. I’ve been led to believe that this is a new EPD team that has formed from other teams specifically for the purpose of creating Donkey Kong games.

And sorry to disappoint, but I have no info on the 2D/2.5D vs. 3D debate. Exactly what kind of game it is has never been shared with me, except that it’s a platformer of some sort. …

It probably won’t have the Country branding, as outside of some retro-tinged arcade memorabilia, Donkey Kong Country IS the Donkey Kong brand now. The info about Diddy, Cranky, and the Kremlings is all news to me, although it’s been implied to me that the new game will carry on the legacy of the Country games in a way that Jungle Beat never did, especially with the enthusiasm of the younger EPD devs and the after-effects of K. Rool performing as well as he did in the Smash Ballot.

So, while we are still dealing exclusively in rumors and no hard facts, there is increasing sentiment that internal Nintendo studios are developing a new Donkey Kong game. Hopefully, the Nintendo E3 Direct this year will bring to light what’s really going on, presuming there is legitimacy to the rumors.


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