Donkey Kong Country and more join Nintendo Switch Online on 7/15

Nintendo Switch Online Donkey Kong Country The Immortal Natsume Championship Wrestling NES SNES Online Shin Megami Tensei Japan Gun-Dec

Donkey Kong Country, a game that really super definitely should have already been available a long time ago, is finally joining the Nintendo Switch Online streaming library on July 15. The Immortal on NES and Natsume Championship Wrestling on SNES come along for the ride. The Immortal comes from publisher EA (!) and I admittedly know nothing about it, but the internet says it’s a dark fantasy action adventure. Natsume Championship Wrestling unsurprisingly comes from Natsume and is more or less the type of wrestling game you expect from the SNES era.

For fun, Nintendo has shared “classified information” for Donkey Kong Country on social media, which amounts to helpful gameplay tips like how to score extra lives, find hidden areas, and 101% the game.

Interestingly, Nintendo Switch Online in Japan is receiving a different lineup of games, being Donkey Kong Country and Shin Megami Tensei on Super Famicom and Gun-Dec (Vice: Project Doom in North America) on Famicom. It really stings to know that Japanese gamers have the original Shin Megami Tensei to enjoy on Switch, but considering how much text it would be to translate, it makes perfect sense why North American gamers aren’t receiving it. (Then again, it did come to iOS in English…) On the bright side, a Live A Live localization is looking shockingly more likely.

Are you excited to finally play the original Donkey Kong Country on Switch?!

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