A physical denial: The Final Fantasy VIII remaster will be digital-only


FFVIII Remastered is about one week away from launching on Switch. Previously, FF fans were excited over a Play-Asia listing for the game. The record seemingly confirmed the title would receive a physical release in addition to its digital one. However, it appears the hope for a physical launch has been dashed, and the RPG will be digital-only. The bearer of the bad news is none other than Square Enix itself.

Digital-only means we’ll never get packaging of four PSX CDs

Based on Siliconera‘s translation of Square Enix’s press release, there are no plans for a physical edition of FFVIII Remastered. In addition, any placeholders claiming it would be an option have been deleted. Upsetting, but not surprising. The remasters of FFVII and FFIX on Switch are also digital-only. It wouldn’t make sense for FFVIII to be the only one getting special treatment. Unless Square Enix is planning a physical triple pack next year. A man can dream!

In lighter news, the Squall-led RPG celebrated its 20th anniversary back in February. Over 9.6 million copies of the game sold worldwide, which I am positive will be added to next week.

FFVIII Remastered will launch September 3, 2019, through the eShop. Are any Squall/Rinoa shippers downloading the title next week? Let us know in the comment section below!

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