Digital Foundry analyzes Switch port of GRID Autosport

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Codemasters contracted the team over at Feral Interactive to produce a port of its late, last-gen release GRID Autosport. The game originally launched on PS3, 360 and PC all the way back in 2013, before being ported to Switch just last month. Despite its age, GRID Autosport still boasts a complex driving model that fits well in the realm of true sim-racers, and not to mention its presentation is also still very detailed. The technical prowess of the game has been enhanced on Switch thanks to the system’s higher-level of power over last-gen consoles.

Digital Foundry broke down all the upgrades that Feral Interactive made to the Switch package, including a resolution bump to 1080p (occasional), optional unlocked framerate (with less prettier graphics), and better post effects. Overall, this is the best home console version of the game. Here’s Digital Foundry’s full analysis:

While it would’ve been nice to see Codemasters attempt to bring the recently-released 2019 GRID reboot over to the Switch, as Digital Foundry points out, this port of Autosport gave the Switch a chance to get a definitive experience rather than a lesser one.

Check out our review of GRID Autosport here.  Spoiler alert, our reviewer Steve Clist really liked it.

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