Digimon Survive brings nostalgic thrills to Nintendo Switch

Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive is heading to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 courtesy of Bandai Namco. Japan’s Weekly Shonen Jump shared some screenshots and other upcoming information.

It seems to be reminiscent of the first season of the Digimon show with a different protagonist. Middle school student Takuma Momotsuka is thrust from camp into the Digital World. He partners with series staple Agumon and must head on a journey of survival and adventure in order to go back home. For fans who grew up with the series, this seems to be going back to its original roots, which is very nice to see. Also gleaned from the article is that your choices will affect how the story plays out, as well as how the Digimon you encounter will Digivolve during your battles.

A placeholder for the official Japanese website can be viewed here. No official trailer has been released just yet, and it looks like the game will hit Japan some time in 2019 (no worldwide release information yet). What do fans think? Will you pick up a copy?


Tarah Bleier