DidYouKnowGaming tackles Nintendo Switch piracy, hacks, and exploits

Naturally, with a new Nintendo console comes a new wave of eager hackers and pirates looking to crack it open. Since the Switch’s launch, the ensuing conflict turned into yet another back-and-forth ordeal between Nintendo and piracy, ranging from deep legal ramifications to the odd head-scratchers.

To name a few incidents, we saw hackers cracking new firmware in record time, and paywalling other hackers on top of adding anti-piracy software in their own pirating tools. On Nintendo’s part, they quietly released new Switch models to combat exploits at the hardware level. Naturally, Nintendo also locked out pirated Switch software from online features while banning associated Nintendo Accounts altogether—don’t even get them started on “super bans!” Every once in a while, curious and well-meaning hackers try running OS like Android or Windows 10 on the Switch; tales of more malicious pirates and their exploits sadly overshadow these more often than not.

Of course, these are but a few select accounts pulled from this still ongoing saga. To that end, Did You Know Gaming? compiled these stories and a ton more in their latest video on gaming trivia. Put on your pirate gear, sing some LazyTown, and check out DYKG’s compendium on Nintendo and hackers’ cat-and-mouse game below!



Jeffrey McDonell
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