Diablo (for Netflix) and Overwatch animated series in the works

Diablo anime Netflix Overwatch animated series Activision Blizzard Nick van Dyk

We have a hot Activision Blizzard leak from… its president of film/television, Nick van Dyk, on his LinkedIn profile. An update to his profile reveals that Diablo and Overwatch animated series are in the works. Diablo is in pre-production for Netflix and will feature an “anime” style (whatever that means). Overwatch has been developed and sold as animated series, but zero details beyond that were revealed.

Why Nick van Dyk decided to so casually reveal these major Activision Blizzard projects on his LinkedIn is debatable, but it also doesn’t matter. All that matters is that they exist and that it should be pretty exciting news for fans of either series. A dark Diablo anime on Netflix that riffs off the foundation laid down by Castlevania could make for a brutal good time. I mean, what cooler bad guy is there than the devil?

Meanwhile, I honestly know nothing whatsoever about the narrative of Overwatch, but I know it has a surprisingly involved lore and that its fans enjoy speculating about what is around the corner. The trailer for Overwatch 2 alone showed how good Activision Blizzard is at painting an exciting picture with its colorful and varied characters.

At this point, it seems like adapting famous video game properties is the hot new trend in television, from Cuphead to Final Fantasy XIV. If they can all approach a level quality as seen in The Witcher, the future looks bright.


John Friscia
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