Devolver Digital reveals Sludge Life for Nintendo Switch


Devolver Digital has revealed a brand new title, Sludge Life. This game is currently available for anyone to check out and play at PAX East, which runs from today through Mar. 1. Sludge Life, in Devolver Digital’s own words, “has a vibe so thick you can taste it.”

Wanna buy a washing machine?

In Sludge Life, players take on the role of Ghost, an up-and-coming tagger on an island somewhere on a planet covered in sludge. The core gameplay has you seek out new places to tag, raising your reputation among the planet’s graffiti elite. However, along the way you can steal both people’s hearts and their possessions. You can also infiltrate GLUG, the sludge-pumping corporation that rules the island, and take them down in a blaze of glory. But all of this is secondary to the other bonkers activities you can take part in.

Sludge Life‘s lo-fi visuals lend themselves to this bizarre, polluted world extremely well. If you get bored of tagging, you could light up a smoke to add to the smog surrounding you, take pictures of a cat’s butt (it has two buttholes), or walk into someone’s house and pee in their toilet. A key focus of the trailer seems to be invading every poor NPC’s privacy, and we wouldn’t be surprised if that played into the story – or at least a side quest – at some point. It’s even possible to download games within the game, allowing you to waste all of your time playing a mindless, cash-grabbing, free-to-play mobile reskin of Candy Crush.

According to Devolver Digital, there are three distinct endings to Sludge Life and some solid credits. The game looks like a labor of love, and the group of developers and artists have clearly had a lot of fun making it. Even the official merchandise, which is already available, is mental. We’ll report back with some details about how the game plays once we’ve had a chance to understand it ourselves at PAX East.

Jamie Sharp
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