Devil May Cry shoots and stabs Nintendo Switch next week

Devil May Cry for Switch on June 25, pricing revealed

Devil May Cry — the game that was supposed to be Resident Evil 4 and then Capcom realized it was nothing like Resident Evil — will come to Nintendo Switch on June 25 in North America and Europe. As Nintendo Everything is reporting, the game will cost 1,990 yen in Japan and $29.99 in Australia. It’s unconfirmed, but the game will likely retail for $19.99 in the United States. Devil May Cry will be digital-only and be 9.2 GB to download.

The DMC series began life in 2001, directed by a younger (but probably still a comical jerk) Hideki Kamiya. Since then, the game has spawned five sequels, yet this is the first time that the series is ever touching down on Nintendo hardware. Some wished that Capcom would have just ported the whole Devil May Cry HD Collection, which houses the first three games. And that’s a very valid comment. But this is still better than nothing.

Meanwhile, Platinum Studios will be carrying on the DMC spirit in two upcoming Switch titles. Astral Chain will bring extreme, science fiction action to Switch on Aug. 30. And Bayonetta 3 will bring guns and magic back to Switch likely next year, since Nintendo is quietly pretending anymore that it never announced a 2019 release date for the game.


John Friscia
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