Developments in Zelda 3DS, Wii U, and Something Else


There are more Zelda news coming your way than you can swing a Master Sword at, so let’s start with Link to the Past 2. Producer Eiji Aonuma delivered a tease in the form of saying that characters from the original Link to the Past will return and there will be a very shocking surprise at the beginning of the adventure.  Aonuma also reverted back to the light and dark world concept in the original Link to the Past and that Link’s new ability to turn into a paper thin painting will weave its way into that returning concept.

Word on Zelda Wii U has been little but mum and looks like it could see a 2014 release.  Whatever the news Aonuma addressed Zelda Wii U too saying that as time progresses they will introduce even more unexpected elements as they are with Link to the Past 2.

\”Our mission for developing this new Zelda game for Wii U is quite plainly to rethink the conventions of Zelda.  I am referring to things such as making the player complete dungeons in a certain order. That you are supposed to play by yourself. We want to set aside these \’conventions,\’ get back to basics to create a newborn Zelda so players can enjoy the real essence of the franchise,\” said Aonuma.

Finally, on to the something else. Aonuma mentioned that since he is 50 and nearing retirement within ten more years he said he would like to try and work on something other than Zelda titles.

In one humorous story Aonuma mentioned that he asked Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka for advice on working on Link to the Past 2 and noted that Link was originally left-handed but became right-handed later and everyone had their different theories.  He then asked Miyamoto why that happened and Miyamoto replied, \”I forget!\” which wasn\’t a surprise after having worked on Link to the Past twenty years ago.

That’s all the Zelda news for now but stay tuned because who knows what information E3 could bring.

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Tom Stovall